January Update- I never follow the natural hair rules (22 months post BC)

Hello Golden Beauties,

The two-year mark is right around the corner and the New Year finally here! My 2016 was interesting to say the least but I learned no matter how much you plan out your life, Life will happen as it’s suppose to occur. I will post about the adventures and lessons of 2016 in a later post, as well as 2017 “resolutions”.

I wanted to focus this post on all the unwritten and written rules of being a naturalista I never follow, but still managed to retain some type of growth during my journey. But before I jump into my Top 10 Hair Rules I Never Follow, I propose the question: Who came up with these rules?… and why?

What I have come to realize, everyone’s hair journey and growth will be differently because we are all different! There is no magic formula.

So here are top 10 Natural Hair rules I never follow:

1.  I do not sleep with a satin bonnet or own a satin pillow, let alone a scarf some nights

2. I do not regularly trim my ends (I trim my ends once a year)

3. I do not own hundreds of products: I work with olive oil, water,  what ever cheap conditioner is available in my house at the time and eco styling gel

4. I do not follow a consistent hair regiment

5. I have not manage to master a perfect twist out yet, still working on it

6. I never read the ingredients on the back of hair product bottles and containers

7. I have never used coconut oil… ever.

8. I do not rinse my hair with cool water on wash days

9. I do not oil my scalp on a consistent basis

10. I do not wash my hair everytime with shampoo and conditioner.. sometimes water is all you need!

Share with me some of the Natural Hair rules you do not follow!








Hair Update- October 2016 (19months)

Hello Golden Beauties,

The fourth quarter of the year is here in full swing and quickly passing. I know I am not the only one who agrees  2016 was one of those “what just happened” or “Noooooo, I wasn’t ready” years. Where did the time go? But in what seemed so little time, so much occurred (at least for me personally)!


Hair wise, not much to update on since I decided back in September to give the full-sew w/ closure another try. My goal is to maintain this style until the end of October and hopefully get the same bundles reinstalled. I purchased the Mayvenn body wave hair extensions, hair lengths: 14′,16′ and 18′ with 14in. closure.  I must say I am a fan of the extensions. Prior to installation, the bundles were bleached and colored a couple of times and still managed to keep its softness and bounciness with minimum shedding. So far, I am impressed, but will provide an eight week review.

Weave tip: Cowash in cold water and allow to air dry.

I am an advocate for closures when you have natural hair, especially if you have a hard time finding colors (like myself) blending with your natural hair. At this moment in my life, low maintenance styling is the way to go. Five weeks I already had my sew-in and there is a looseness of my braids, but that is a good sign. The tracks a still tightly secured to the net sewed to my braids so there is no slipping tracks. Since I take daily prenatal vitamins, I believe that has been helping with my hair growth. Still working on increasing my water in-take. Any tips?

Quick and easy update. Holding back so many life updates, but that is another post for another time.



My Experience Dating in 2016 + Hair Journey Update

Hello Golden Beauties,

Anyone who truly knows me knows I am very private with my dating and relationship situations. I try not to talk openly on the topic because I am no expert on dating. I can only speak for my past relationships. But I managed to maintain a couple of relationships over the past decade, so I do have minor experience dealing with men as companions. I am grateful to have experienced good and bad situations that has set the bar going forward for all my future relationship encounters.

Here is what I learned about dating/relationships  in 2016:

  1. Dating with the mindset of finding someone to fulfill all your needs is selfish and leading down a road of a failed relationship.

Posted all over social media you find superficial materialistic criteria people place on the opposite sex. One has to “buy me nice stuff, spoil me, take me here, eat out there, and wear this, look like that”; the list is never ending. If you cannot do for yourself what you expect your significant other to do, then have several seats. It is childish and selfish to expect all these favors from an individual and you bring nothing to the table and cannot provide any of these materials for yourself.

I am guilty of previously having this mindset, but I realized that a good relationship would not prosper on trivial things. You can have all the things in the world handed to you in a relationship and still be miserable if the person is not the one for you. So providing material wants should not be a deal-breaker when dating.

I truly believe humans were made to giving and provide for other expecting nothing in return as an act of true love. Do a like check and ask yourself, “What can I give and offer to a person?”

  1. Live with the standards you expect from your significant other?

Men and women are equally guilty with this one. We envision the perfect soul mate to be faithful, loving, kind, a provider, funny, attractive, skinny, built, a family-person etc. but are you all those things? When was the last time you been to the gym or spent time with your family? Did you cheat in your last relationship? Do you put any effort into your appearance? Is good hygiene your top priority? Do you have a 6-figure income driving around in a BMW? Do you have set goals you are currently working on? Would you date yourself if you had a chance?

Self-reflection is very important before you decide to be hypocritical of the opposite sex.

  1. Learn to Love yourself.

Top worse things you can do are jump in to a relationship or begin dating someone because you need to feel good about yourself. I must say I am also guilty.  I would entertain men I knew were no good for me because I valued their opinion of me and had no respect or love for myself.

It is okay to realize the emptiness you feel because you are not content within yourself. That is a sign of low esteem and unclear value of your true worth. Realization is the first step of self-love. Every person on this planet is here for a reason, which gives you value. You are valuable.

Once I implanted that into my brain, it became easier to weed out the bad ones and focus on preparing myself for the right one.

I focused on being the best me that I learn to unconditionally love.

  1. Never settle. 

Settling is a lack of patience, perseverance and faith. There are billions of humans on this planet so finding someone should be the least of your worries. Women, we are blessed with the gift of intuition. If you have a gut feeling to walk away, RUN away. Do not get stuck with a person you know you cannot see yourself spending the rest of your life with because you scared of being alone.

There are other types of relationships you can involve yourself in if you want to have companionship. Friends, family, coworkers, the Church, neighbors and even random people you meet are all relationships.  Work on those relationships until the right one comes along.

*Turns of my soapbox*

(July Hair update)

It is hard to put in perspective we are half way through the year, Summer-time Chi is in full swing and I am embarking towards a fresh new chapter in my the life as a quarter-century young. 16 months into my natural hair journey and I am chugging along; trying to stay hopefully my hair has not reached its max length of growth. I have come to terms my hair does not grow at the speedy rate of the Ytubers and Insta natural hair guru’s manes grow, and I am content.

The Lord never gives you what you cannot handle, and He must have known I was having contemplating thoughts of buzz cutting my hair or doing a big chop #2. A few weeks ago I was reminiscing and awing over the progressive my hair’s growth made over the past year, and plotting when I next meet up the scissors and I would have soon. Every natural hair sister has thought about reliving the exhilarating nerve-racking big chop, and only a select few goes through with it this decision. It’s just a mind-boggle for me.

As I mentioned in the previous post, my plan for the next couple of months is to rock box braids. I am in LOVE with my box braids and the versatility of styles I can wear with them. No braid-washing routine established yet, but I think I will continue with the water-only wash method I did in June.

Question: What are some deal-breakers for you when it comes to dating and relationships?

Wash Routine Update: Water-Only Wash Method (June)

Hello Golden Beauties!

I have been apart of the natural hair community for about 15 months so I am still experimenting with routines fit for my 4c hair type. For the winter season I had a consistent wash routine that kept my hair conditioned and soft and had my curls popping.

Today I am sharing an update on my wash routine. Since the Summer season is at our door step, I wanted to switch things up on how I wash and care for my natural hair. Entering into the hot and humid time of the year I know I will turn into an oily sweat monster and the worse feeling in the summer for me is to always feel like my hair and skin is greasy.

This summer I plan to use my oily foe as a friend!

This summer I will continue my wash-routine with the water-only wash method. Less is more when it comes to my hair care, and I see many naturalistas done the same and saw a great amount of growth and less breakage. I will continue to use the LOC method to moisturize my hair, but also my natural oils to work its magic.

Let’s see how long this will last til.

Hair + Life Update!


Hello golden people!


It feels like eons since I did a natural hair update, but life is very time-consuming right now (if that statement makes sense). For the past couple of months my natural care routine is non-existent and neglect is at an all time high. I currently have my hair braided back and I try to freshen up my braids at least twice a month. I occasionally, I will oil my scalp when I get a tingle sensation it’s about that time to do so.

I decided to pull back out the wigs temporarily so I don’t have to spend much time doing my hair in the evenings and mornings. My goal is to continue wearing wigs throughout the month of June before getting box braids installed for the month of July and August. I get very antsy when it comes to new styles and the hair growth process, so I believe it is best to keep my hair protected for the summer months.

My wash routine is sporadic, but luckily my hair does not get dirty fast. I do plan to get back on a wash routine because I know it will be a hot and sweaty  summer!

One thing I noticed with my hair is less shedding even when my hair is braided for long periods of time. I believe I owe credit to a change in my diet recently. I increased my water content intake, prenatal/multi vitamin consumption, and healthier less processed food options. I am a firm believer of the quote, “You are what you eat.” I noticed a change in hair strength, body energy, and skin complexion since cutting out dairy products, drinking more water, and making an effort to eat more leafy greens.

In regards to hair growth, it is hard for me to track if I am maintaining length. Like most naturalist, I at that point where it is hard for me to see the growth but everyone else sees the change.

My hair goal for this summer: protective styling until September.

If anyone have suggestions on how I can before care or moisturize my hair even in protective styling, my ear is open for the advice!

Question: What are you’re summer hair care plans?!



Life has been a whirlwind and I am just trying not to get caught up in the debris.

So much occurred in the past couple months that normal occurs over a 6-9 month period. In the past few months, I started a new career, transitioned to a new living environment, signed a new lease and plan to move in the next few days!

In the midst of all that I have been traveling to escape life’s responsibilities. Every time I come home from a long weekend of bliss, the pile of tasks awaits me to tackle. I believe it is always good to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life; it is my way of not getting overwhelmed and having mental break downs. I LOVE to travel! If it could somehow make it a full-time career, I would.

This summer is jammed-pack of travel, planning, and goals to accomplish. I do not want to go into details yet on what all I have in store for this summer, but I can say so far, I am enjoying the journey. The life update is to be continued…

Question: How do you deal with unexpected life changes? What are you’re summer plans/goals?





One Year Down!

Hello everyone!

I am excited to share I am officially one year and 2 weeks naptural! Cheers to healthy hair and great hair days!

I have come a long way from last year when I had no clue what I was getting myself into. But I know more than what I knew last year and ready to continue climbing over the learn curve.So here are the ups and downs from the my first years of being naptural.

  1. The versatility of my natural hair is amazing!
  2. My self esteem and comfort with accepting my natural hair has made me more confident with the women I am.
  3. I love the fact that I can find my most prized hair products in my kitchen!… Olive Oil has been my best friend.
  4. Understanding the importance of having patience and appreciating the process of growth and development. (This has been helpful in all aspects of my life.)
  5. Greatness comes with time.
  6. I am not perfect.
  7. The fro glow is real.

11 months.

I have come to a point in my journey where I am anxious. Excited for my one anniversary, but nervous to straighten my hair. I definitely plan to get my ends clipped next month because it’s been one year since my hair has seen a pair of sicissor and it is well over due.


WASH DAY REGIMENT (FINALLY established a consistent routine)

So I finally created and began following a wash day regiment I recently discovered works for my hair. It is an exciting today in natural hair land, because prior to my current wash day regiment, I followed the “go-with-the flow” method of washing my natural 4C hair. As you can imagine, it was an disaster and I would get frustrated detangling and styling my natural hair. But I am here to share my current “wash day” routine for all those ladies who might need help getting started, as well as, ladies who might need a simple and management method of washing their natural mane.

I recently took out my sew-in, I had been rocking for the month of January so my hair was stretched and very dry.

(1) First.

-Oil and massage hair using your oil of choice (my preference is pure olive oil).

-To make oiling and massaging of the hair manageable, section hair into 4-8 sections.

(2) Second.

-Take each individual section and apply deep condition mix to detangle each section.

-Detangle each section with a wide-tooth comb.

-Leave deep conditioner in hair for at least an hour (or more ).

For a great deep conditioner mix check out my blog post during my 8 month mark: CLICK HERE!

(3) Third.

– Rinse natural hair section by section with cool to warm water until all deep conditioning product is gone.

(If you like at this moment you can use your favorite shampoo to clean and rinse out).

-Towel dry your natural hair.

-Reapply apply a small amount of your favorite oil to your towel dry hair.

(4) Final.

-Style your natural moisturized hair to your desire!


I hope you find your post resourceful for your natural hair journey. This regiment has worked WONDERS on my natural hair. During the wash process I could see my natural curl pattern more defined and my hair was baby soft even after rinsing out the deep conditioner.  This is the regiment that currently works for me, and I am sure it will change over the next few months. I like its simplicity and it does not take thousands of different products to do it. Please share some of your wash day tips!

Thanks for reading,

Goldieee < 3




January 2016 Update

The month of January  is quickly coming to an end, and with only a week left, I am FINALLY updating you all on my natural hair journey and other important things. I wanted my first blog post of the year to be about the continuing growth and progress of my natural hair journey and as well as things I plan to accomplish in 2016.

2016 GOALS!

Natural Hair Journey:

  • Healthy shoulder length hair with minimum breakage and split ends
  • Experiment more with my natural hair and let go of the sew ins and wigs
  • Try homemade products on my hair more often

LifeStyle Goals:

  • Begin a new career
  • Community Service and outreach projects… serve more.
  • Start a new long term hobby
  • Continue minimizing clutter of all sorts in my life  <–still in process
  • Travel abroad at least once this year.
  • Study Finish Grad School Applications and GRE (if needed) <– currently on HOLD

Blogging/Vlogging Goals:

  • Increase blog followers to 100 followers
  • Post higher quality content on blog
  • Expand the content on my blog


HAIR UPDATE JAN 2016 (10/12 Months)

I recently took a 5-week sew in and rocking the wig until further notice. My braids under the sew was still fresh so I decided to keep them in longer, and just did a co-wash to remove excess dirt, oil and dandruff build-up. Since doing the big chop, I have not cut my ends, but I plan to cut them in March (1- YEAR ANNIVERSARY).