DAY 1 in bergamo, ITALY!

Today was an eventful day.  I arrived at the airport and boarded an 11am flight to JFK Airport in New York City accompanied by a four-hour lay over. I boarded the plane at 6:20pm eastern standard time and slept majority of the flight.  I slept most of the 9 hour flight to Milano, Italia. The view arriving in Italia was snow-cover mountains, valleys and beautiful greenery.

I arrived into ITALY AT 8:40am which is 1:40am central standard time When I finally arrived at the hostel in Bergamo, Italy, I took a nap and woke up in time for our 7pm dinner at this local restaurant in Bergamo called LA TORRE.

I HAD MY FIRST TASTE OF ITALIAN FOOD! The pasta was great!… I also purchased my first bottle of white wine without being carded!!!! Wine is definitely an acquired taste, but the experience of being in Italy and being able to just purchase wine got the best of me. First night in Italy and i was  a little tispy! LOL

The weather is a little chilly but manageable. After dinner, we decided to go to a local bar and try to order sour amarettos  There was a bit of a language barrier between us and the bartender.

DAY 1 was great and I look forward to day 2 !

first bottle of wine!



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