DAY 3!

my first taste of italian pizza!

Woke up at 7am and I must say, I was excited and anxious to start my day . I had a 9am class. The are 20 American and 20 Italian students in my Emerging Marketing course taught by the American professor for Mizzou.

Outside of the window of my classroom located on third floor, there is a breath-taking view of Citta’ di Bergamo. Citta’ Alta was beautiful to look at up in the mountains… clearly I was SPACING during class.

Observations I made about Italian students is that they are RUDE when teachers are speaking! They have full loud conversations while the professor teachers and don’t care.

 We went on a LUNCH BREAK from noon to 13:30.  My new friend Jackie and I decided to eat lunch which these two BEAUTIFUL Italian men (everyone looks like a model in northern Italy). One was name Luca and the other ???? They helped us order food from the cafeteria, which the food was actually good and very cheap. My meal came out being 3.24 EUROS. I learned so much from talking to the two guys.


1. the Italian translation of french fries is CHIPS.

2. Italians do not like war and believe in PEACE & LOVE

3. They think that the television show jersey shore gives a bad impression of Italians

4. (insert Italian boy name) likes the chicago bulls!… he is team D. Rose

5. all of the Italian universities are separate schools for separate majors

6.They believe they eat healthier and natural food, and that is why they are skinny

7.They believe American guys all look like football players and very big

8. Citta’ Atla is the upper part of town where rich people live and Citta’ Bassa is where the common folks live.

9. U.S. is the leading country of GDP but it is estimated by 2016 China will be the leading country.

10. Our Dollar doesn’t equate to the EURO.

My second class was taught by an Italiano professor name Mauro Cavallone. for some reason today he was wearing a Mizzou Tigers tie. I kept nodding off in this class because of the ITIS. We had to introduce ourselves and I found out I am the youngest in the class being 19 and the oldest 29.  

After class we walked around a little and I came back and took a nap. Everyone went to this club called velvet rope and I decided to just relax and get adjusted to the time difference.

Well here is my day and PICS from DAY 2

FUN FACT OF THE DAY!: Gas is time 3 TIMES the price in italy than the U.S.


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