DAY 29/30: HOME sweet H O M E.

I am now in the ATL International airport typing this because I have a 6-hour layover here. I am just glad to say that am back in America. I didn’t realized how much I missed the States until I heard everyone speaking English.

A plus is that I am receiving the southern hospitality here in the airport. When we landed the pilot said that it was 90 degrees here instead of saying Celsius. When I saw panda express I fell in love with America all over again.

I know I am going to miss Italy in the long run, but right now I am enjoying being back in America. It is the small things that helps me appreciate the fact I am home in American and that I am an American citizen. The giant size cup of punch I received with my meal, and it had ICE in it! I have not had ice and any sugary drink in a month! Going through customs was a joke. I though they would go through my bags and make me pay for things, but all they did was asked a few questions and they let me go through the gates.

Now I am anticipating being back in Chicago with my family. I cannot wait to be able to sleep in my bed, and not have to wake up early to go to class. I can stay up and watch television. I can make a peanut butter sandwich!!

Tomorrow I can wake up and go down in the kitchen and make a breakfast that consists of pancakes or waffles. I think I will not eat pork, pizza, and pasta for a while. I think I will enjoy gaining back any little pounds I lost being in Italy. It’s not that we didn’t eat out there, it’s just that the portion sizes we are not use to because they are so small. I think that having this blogging for the month was a good idea, because I can look back at all the different things I did in Italy. I definitely had quite the adventure traveling in Europe, and I will always appreciate every moment of it. I am glad I had great roommates! I HOPE IN THE FUTURE THE ADVENTURES WILL BE CONTINUED….


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