January 2016 Update

The month of January  is quickly coming to an end, and with only a week left, I am FINALLY updating you all on my natural hair journey and other important things. I wanted my first blog post of the year to be about the continuing growth and progress of my natural hair journey and as well as things I plan to accomplish in 2016.

2016 GOALS!

Natural Hair Journey:

  • Healthy shoulder length hair with minimum breakage and split ends
  • Experiment more with my natural hair and let go of the sew ins and wigs
  • Try homemade products on my hair more often

LifeStyle Goals:

  • Begin a new career
  • Community Service and outreach projects… serve more.
  • Start a new long term hobby
  • Continue minimizing clutter of all sorts in my life  <–still in process
  • Travel abroad at least once this year.
  • Study Finish Grad School Applications and GRE (if needed) <– currently on HOLD

Blogging/Vlogging Goals:

  • Increase blog followers to 100 followers
  • Post higher quality content on blog
  • Expand the content on my blog


HAIR UPDATE JAN 2016 (10/12 Months)

I recently took a 5-week sew in and rocking the wig until further notice. My braids under the sew was still fresh so I decided to keep them in longer, and just did a co-wash to remove excess dirt, oil and dandruff build-up. Since doing the big chop, I have not cut my ends, but I plan to cut them in March (1- YEAR ANNIVERSARY).





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