WASH DAY REGIMENT (FINALLY established a consistent routine)

So I finally created and began following a wash day regiment I recently discovered works for my hair. It is an exciting today in natural hair land, because prior to my current wash day regiment, I followed the “go-with-the flow” method of washing my natural 4C hair. As you can imagine, it was an disaster and I would get frustrated detangling and styling my natural hair. But I am here to share my current “wash day” routine for all those ladies who might need help getting started, as well as, ladies who might need a simple and management method of washing their natural mane.

I recently took out my sew-in, I had been rocking for the month of January so my hair was stretched and very dry.

(1) First.

-Oil and massage hair using your oil of choice (my preference is pure olive oil).

-To make oiling and massaging of the hair manageable, section hair into 4-8 sections.

(2) Second.

-Take each individual section and apply deep condition mix to detangle each section.

-Detangle each section with a wide-tooth comb.

-Leave deep conditioner in hair for at least an hour (or more ).

For a great deep conditioner mix check out my blog post during my 8 month mark: CLICK HERE!

(3) Third.

– Rinse natural hair section by section with cool to warm water until all deep conditioning product is gone.

(If you like at this moment you can use your favorite shampoo to clean and rinse out).

-Towel dry your natural hair.

-Reapply apply a small amount of your favorite oil to your towel dry hair.

(4) Final.

-Style your natural moisturized hair to your desire!


I hope you find your post resourceful for your natural hair journey. This regiment has worked WONDERS on my natural hair. During the wash process I could see my natural curl pattern more defined and my hair was baby soft even after rinsing out the deep conditioner.  This is the regiment that currently works for me, and I am sure it will change over the next few months. I like its simplicity and it does not take thousands of different products to do it. Please share some of your wash day tips!

Thanks for reading,

Goldieee < 3





5 thoughts on “WASH DAY REGIMENT (FINALLY established a consistent routine)

    • heyymsgoldiee says:

      I normally use the shea moisture deep treatment masque and/or the olive oil replenishing conditioner. I also use these products as the based on homemade conditioners I use for as a daily moisturizer. I have learned over the few months that different products work on different people hair. Over time you will find out what works for you, but I don’t recommend investing in 1000s of different products. DRINK LOTS of water!!!! #majorkeys : ) hopefully this helps .

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