Hair + Life Update!


Hello golden people!


It feels like eons since I did a natural hair update, but life is very time-consuming right now (if that statement makes sense). For the past couple of months my natural care routine is non-existent and neglect is at an all time high. I currently have my hair braided back and I try to freshen up my braids at least twice a month. I occasionally, I will oil my scalp when I get a tingle sensation it’s about that time to do so.

I decided to pull back out the wigs temporarily so I don’t have to spend much time doing my hair in the evenings and mornings. My goal is to continue wearing wigs throughout the month of June before getting box braids installed for the month of July and August. I get very antsy when it comes to new styles and the hair growth process, so I believe it is best to keep my hair protected for the summer months.

My wash routine is sporadic, but luckily my hair does not get dirty fast. I do plan to get back on a wash routine because I know it will be a hot and sweaty  summer!

One thing I noticed with my hair is less shedding even when my hair is braided for long periods of time. I believe I owe credit to a change in my diet recently. I increased my water content intake, prenatal/multi vitamin consumption, and healthier less processed food options. I am a firm believer of the quote, “You are what you eat.” I noticed a change in hair strength, body energy, and skin complexion since cutting out dairy products, drinking more water, and making an effort to eat more leafy greens.

In regards to hair growth, it is hard for me to track if I am maintaining length. Like most naturalist, I at that point where it is hard for me to see the growth but everyone else sees the change.

My hair goal for this summer: protective styling until September.

If anyone have suggestions on how I can before care or moisturize my hair even in protective styling, my ear is open for the advice!

Question: What are you’re summer hair care plans?!



Life has been a whirlwind and I am just trying not to get caught up in the debris.

So much occurred in the past couple months that normal occurs over a 6-9 month period. In the past few months, I started a new career, transitioned to a new living environment, signed a new lease and plan to move in the next few days!

In the midst of all that I have been traveling to escape life’s responsibilities. Every time I come home from a long weekend of bliss, the pile of tasks awaits me to tackle. I believe it is always good to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life; it is my way of not getting overwhelmed and having mental break downs. I LOVE to travel! If it could somehow make it a full-time career, I would.

This summer is jammed-pack of travel, planning, and goals to accomplish. I do not want to go into details yet on what all I have in store for this summer, but I can say so far, I am enjoying the journey. The life update is to be continued…

Question: How do you deal with unexpected life changes? What are you’re summer plans/goals?






5 thoughts on “Hair + Life Update!

  1. Silksache't says:

    gurl i am right there with ya. no one has seen my actual hair in about 5 months, and i plan to keep it that way until september as well..i did the big chop about 2 months ago to even out a tappered cut I had. I have been taking biotin like crazy to grow it back. so i want to keep it protected until then. I have been using wigs, crochet, braids, etc.

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