Wash Routine Update: Water-Only Wash Method (June)

Hello Golden Beauties!

I have been apart of the natural hair community for about 15 months so I am still experimenting with routines fit for my 4c hair type. For the winter season I had a consistent wash routine that kept my hair conditioned and soft and had my curls popping.

Today I am sharing an update on my wash routine. Since the Summer season is at our door step, I wanted to switch things up on how I wash and care for my natural hair. Entering into the hot and humid time of the year I know I will turn into an oily sweat monster and the worse feeling in the summer for me is to always feel like my hair and skin is greasy.

This summer I plan to use my oily foe as a friend!

This summer I will continue my wash-routine with the water-only wash method. Less is more when it comes to my hair care, and I see many naturalistas done the same and saw a great amount of growth and less breakage. I will continue to use the LOC method to moisturize my hair, but also my natural oils to work its magic.

Let’s see how long this will last til.


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