Hair Update- October 2016 (19months)

Hello Golden Beauties,

The fourth quarter of the year is here in full swing and quickly passing. I know I am not the only one who agrees  2016 was one of those “what just happened” or “Noooooo, I wasn’t ready” years. Where did the time go? But in what seemed so little time, so much occurred (at least for me personally)!


Hair wise, not much to update on since I decided back in September to give the full-sew w/ closure another try. My goal is to maintain this style until the end of October and hopefully get the same bundles reinstalled. I purchased the Mayvenn body wave hair extensions, hair lengths: 14′,16′ and 18′ with 14in. closure.  I must say I am a fan of the extensions. Prior to installation, the bundles were bleached and colored a couple of times and still managed to keep its softness and bounciness with minimum shedding. So far, I am impressed, but will provide an eight week review.

Weave tip: Cowash in cold water and allow to air dry.

I am an advocate for closures when you have natural hair, especially if you have a hard time finding colors (like myself) blending with your natural hair. At this moment in my life, low maintenance styling is the way to go. Five weeks I already had my sew-in and there is a looseness of my braids, but that is a good sign. The tracks a still tightly secured to the net sewed to my braids so there is no slipping tracks. Since I take daily prenatal vitamins, I believe that has been helping with my hair growth. Still working on increasing my water in-take. Any tips?

Quick and easy update. Holding back so many life updates, but that is another post for another time.




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