January Update- I never follow the natural hair rules (22 months post BC)

Hello Golden Beauties,

The two-year mark is right around the corner and the New Year finally here! My 2016 was interesting to say the least but I learned no matter how much you plan out your life, Life will happen as it’s suppose to occur. I will post about the adventures and lessons of 2016 in a later post, as well as 2017 “resolutions”.

I wanted to focus this post on all the unwritten and written rules of being a naturalista I never follow, but still managed to retain some type of growth during my journey. But before I jump into my Top 10 Hair Rules I Never Follow, I propose the question: Who came up with these rules?… and why?

What I have come to realize, everyone’s hair journey and growth will be differently because we are all different! There is no magic formula.

So here are top 10 Natural Hair rules I never follow:

1.  I do not sleep with a satin bonnet or own a satin pillow, let alone a scarf some nights

2. I do not regularly trim my ends (I trim my ends once a year)

3. I do not own hundreds of products: I work with olive oil, water,  what ever cheap conditioner is available in my house at the time and eco styling gel

4. I do not follow a consistent hair regiment

5. I have not manage to master a perfect twist out yet, still working on it

6. I never read the ingredients on the back of hair product bottles and containers

7. I have never used coconut oil… ever.

8. I do not rinse my hair with cool water on wash days

9. I do not oil my scalp on a consistent basis

10. I do not wash my hair everytime with shampoo and conditioner.. sometimes water is all you need!

Share with me some of the Natural Hair rules you do not follow!