January Update- I never follow the natural hair rules (22 months post BC)

Hello Golden Beauties,

The two-year mark is right around the corner and the New Year finally here! My 2016 was interesting to say the least but I learned no matter how much you plan out your life, Life will happen as it’s suppose to occur. I will post about the adventures and lessons of 2016 in a later post, as well as 2017 “resolutions”.

I wanted to focus this post on all the unwritten and written rules of being a naturalista I never follow, but still managed to retain some type of growth during my journey. But before I jump into my Top 10 Hair Rules I Never Follow, I propose the question: Who came up with these rules?… and why?

What I have come to realize, everyone’s hair journey and growth will be differently because we are all different! There is no magic formula.

So here are top 10 Natural Hair rules I never follow:

1.  I do not sleep with a satin bonnet or own a satin pillow, let alone a scarf some nights

2. I do not regularly trim my ends (I trim my ends once a year)

3. I do not own hundreds of products: I work with olive oil, water,  what ever cheap conditioner is available in my house at the time and eco styling gel

4. I do not follow a consistent hair regiment

5. I have not manage to master a perfect twist out yet, still working on it

6. I never read the ingredients on the back of hair product bottles and containers

7. I have never used coconut oil… ever.

8. I do not rinse my hair with cool water on wash days

9. I do not oil my scalp on a consistent basis

10. I do not wash my hair everytime with shampoo and conditioner.. sometimes water is all you need!

Share with me some of the Natural Hair rules you do not follow!








One thought on “January Update- I never follow the natural hair rules (22 months post BC)

  1. Erika Williams says:

    Girl I agree! 2016 was a lazy hair year for me. I stopped with the “routine regimen” thing and retained so much growth. People made it work like this back in the day, I’m sure we can too.

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